The Clean Bean Baby Story

Clean Bean BabyAt Clean Bean Baby we know what it is like to be a parent on the move and finding a clean spot to change your baby is often hard. When I had my first son, I bought a big diaper bag and stocked it with everything you could possibly need once I left the house. Once I had my second son, I scaled way back and put a few items in my more stylish handbag and was on my way, except for the changing pad. I could never fit the bulky, thick mats in my cute purses so I often would not bring one. After several sticky situations where I had to put my baby on the floor of a grimy bathroom or questionable surface because there was no changing station in site I came up with the Clean Bean Baby mat.

I wanted something as portable easy to roll up as I did with my yoga mat. I found I used it all over, when we were just running nearby errands or out-of-town it came in so useful. It’s great for the playground, in a museum, at the beach or in an airplane bathroom, you need a comfortable barrier between germs and your baby’s skin and the Clean Bean Baby mat was designed with this in mind. It’s a lightweight, portable, easy-to-clean and stow changing mat that does not require a big, bulky diaper bag to bring it along. And a quick swipe with a baby wipe and it is ready to be rolled up and stashed in your purse, stroller, pool bag or car. The Clean Bean Baby mat is a great gift for a first-time mom or one that expecting her third or fourth child.

There are four sweet styles of Clean Bean Baby mats, Oopsie Daisy pink, Tree Tops blue, Baby Bird brown or Sweet Dreams green, each one tied with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon to keep it securely rolled in your bag. So put away that bulky diaper bag and bring out your stylish purse again, you won’t even know your Clean Bean Baby mat is in there, until you really need it.